Muk Mouy Khloun Pi


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For 30 years, nighttime keeper Sung Chee (Bobby Au-yeung) was despised in To Yuen village due to his posthumous birth in a coffin, having only the sickly scholar Sit Dan (Michael Tse) and the coolie Cha Siu-chaan (Lo Mang) as his friends. After disputing with the village chief over his family’s land, Chee, along with a homeless female thief Tong Sze (Jessica Hsuan), are accused for murdering the chief and are sentenced to death. The village’s newly appointed magistrate Sung Yik (Frankie Lam) finds the case suspicious and investigates. With the help of the mysterious yet experienced coroner Ma Kwai (Lau Kong), Yik successfully revokes Chee and Sze’s sentences. Kwai becomes Chee’s coroner master and Yik employs Chee to be his personal forensic medical doctor. The two become good friends and partners, successfully solving many murder cases in town. Sze develops a crush on Yik, unaware that Yik and Nip Fung (Mariane Chan), daughter of senior constable Nip Yan-lung (Gordon Liu), are already in a relationship. Chee, on the other hand, falls for Lam Choi-dip (Eileen Yeow), the spoiled daughter of rich merchant Lam To (Lee Lung-kei).