Kla Sel-[24 END]


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On a full moon night, a young Najan fell under a spell and left the care of Kamphaeng to go in search of a tiger cave where she was almost killed by a weretiger. Luckily, the hunter Kamsoon and Jarat, Najan’s father, were able to save her in time. The tiger went wild with rage before succumbing to death. Najan was infected with the tiger’s blood through its claw, but Jarat, her father, was killed by the tiger that night. Najan grew up to be a beautiful AE who worked in an advertising agency in Bangkok, but the incident in her childhood continued to haunt her in her nightmares. Every day on the anniversary of her father’s death, Najan and Aunt Nuan, her only living relative left, would travel to Chiang Mai to make merit for her father, but this year, Kamsoon, who hadn’t been quite sane ever since that incident, revealed that anyone who exchanged blood with a weretiger on a full moon night and survived past their 20th year and failed to suppress the spirit of the tiger would become the weretiger in its place. Kamphaeng was scared the curse would come true, but Aunt Nuan said it was all nonsense even though deep down she couldn’t help but be worried as well.
When Najan returned to work in Bangkok, she was put in charge of an animal food project instead of Wilar who didn’t get along with Najan. This caused her to meet the owner of the company, a young man by the name of Paksa who was more interested in the environment than administrative work and would often spend his time at the Wild Life Foundation, which displeased his father Patima who wants him to continue the family business.
On her 25th birthday, Najan and her close friends Lukpla and Somchai went to their usual restaurant where they met the fortune teller Thepnimit. When the fortune teller offered to tell Najan’s fortune, she was stunned and scared when she turned the card over and saw Najan’s future. Thepnimit left as fast as she could, leaving Najan with a puzzle.
After that day, Najan started having strange urges. From being a vegetarian, she started having cravings for meat and raw food. One day Kamhang, a client who’s been pursuing Najan, tricked Najan into going somewhere with him and was almost raped by him, but Najan fought back until she passed out. When she woke up, she couldn’t remember how she made it back to her condo and was surprised by the news of Kamhang’s death on TV.
Acha, a young policeman in charge of the case and a friend of Paksa’s, determined the cause of death was from a tiger when he saw the footprints of a tiger at the scene of the crime, but he wasn’t completely convinced. Then Wilar gave a statement saying she saw Najan with Kamhang the night he died, and once Paksa realized Acha suspected Najan, he was quick to come to her defense. Around this time, Prompayak, the mysterious owner of Bengal Whiskey Manufacturer, came to the advertising agency as a new client and would only agree to work with Najan.
When Najan met Prompayak, she felt a strange attraction to him. Prompayak revealed to her that they were weretigers. He had been searching for her to perform the mating ritual to carry on their tribe that needed to be completed on the night of a full moon of the 8th month. Najan didn’t believe him even though Prompayak was insistent.
Then one night her company organized a party that happened to fall on a full moon night. Najan was worried about Prompayak’s words, so she left early but was followed out by Wilar who wanted to pick on her. Najan got so angry that her eyes started changing colors and she almost lost control of herself, so she ran off. Wilar tried to follow her to continue their fight but was shocked to the core when she saw a tiger come out of the place Najan had disappeared into. However, before the tiger was able to pounce on her, a security guard who had heard Wilar’s scream came upon the scene, causing the tiger to change its target. When morning came, there was news of the guard’s death. Najan was shocked and scared, but she tried telling herself that she hadn’t done it.
Ever since the first killing, Paksa was determined to find evidence that it was a tiger that had killed those men, while Acha suspected that Najan was raising a tiger. The more the two men searched for evidence, the more Najan came to believe what she was. She made a decision to go to Chiang Mai to find a way to break the curse. What will happen next? Who will be the one to break the curse for Najan? And will Najan be able to break the curse before the night of full moon of the 8th month?