Chav Vay Sruk Chet Thor


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Confused Officer Banqiao (2017) During the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, the two famous poverty-stricken counties in the Yellow River and the Yellow River in the Chaocheng County were flooded in a row, the three princes of the three princes were out of ghosts, and the private salt was sold. The natural disasters and man-made disasters caused the people to live, so that no one in the officialdom would like to go here. Two counties are known as magistrates. The court appointed Zheng Ban Qiao, a 50-year-old sergeant, to serve as a county magistrate in Fang County. After Zheng Ban Qiao took office, he cracked down on private salt, repaired dikes and rescued the disaster, and cleared the remaining party of Zhu San Tai, reflecting the character of loving the people, being diligent and honest, and loving the people.